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Nike official announced in Taiwan time on September 17th published the new LEBRON 12, combined with the insights and inspiration the 10 All Star winner LeBron James itself, with his powerful style of play, LEBRON 12 will be on the innovation of science and technology and around LeBron James extraordinary game design perfect combination. All of you can expect the Nike LeBron 12 debut through the preview film! Nike LeBron 12 Preview: running in modern society is becoming more and more popular, more and more new technology can help you run development, not only is the runner of the gospel, also let the shopping for running shoes, more choices can be compared to New Balance, first published in July after the molecular structure of IONIX 3090 lightweight suspension jogging shoes to the natural world as a design inspiration, both comfortable and flexible, the protection of three features, this month New Balance will launch 5 new colors, and five color, male models suggest that the price of NT$3650 yuan, the price of NT$ Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping 3550 yuan female models recommended IONIX 3090 in the sole of the need to strengthen the shock and weareasilyplace was strengthened through the rubber outsole, to provide the necessary protection and durable effect, the rest of the structure using the most streamlined weight supporting the maximum efficiency and stability. Soft and comfortable full exclusive RevLite without a sense of light in the bottom, with excellent function, stability and durability; very elastic in EVA bottom buffer required for the foot contact with the ground, while increasing the pace of extension when converting the flexibility of the full range of comfort, flexibility, protection efficiency three provide new experience in running feet. 1997 designer Eric Avar and his design team after a long time to finally let originally can only exist in the dream of the Air Foamposite One into practice, design bold breakthrough has become an important milepost in Nike shoes, is still obsessed with shoes as a classic; over the past 17 years, may have n Retro jordans for sale o longer fit on court, but its charm did not subside gradually in recent years, from basketball to field under the extension of daily collocation, be usually casual wear to take Air Foamposite One again this year, stunning debut, put on the street style very short suede fabric, unlike the previous Foamposite plastic. Show the unique texture of leather and moist, very suitable for autumn and winter as collocation. Overseas scheduled for sale in August 29th, the price of 250 U. S. dollars, model: 575420-006. source: EU Kicks by Kanye West and Adidas Originals YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 to create new profile published by the first pair of red color, it is for the first time in February 11th will launch shoes styles, in the global simultaneous release! launched a new YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 black Primeknit material to create a streamline shoe body, shoes with red letters showing side contrast, with reversal mirror Monogram eye-catching "SPLY-350", for the first time in YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 with the sole heel pull ring, rubber outs cheap jordan shoes for men ole has advanced texture, and complete with Adidas representatives BOOST? Technology in the end, create a strong earthquake, and high efficiency feedback structure. adidas Originals by KANYE WEST YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 Taiwan in February 11th from the global market, pricing 8800 yuan, NT$men's shoes NT$price 5200 yuan, with sales information please pay close attention to the Adidas Originals store Taipei, the official fan group. Nike Kove XI 'Draft Day' in Taiwan today is just on sale, foreign media shoes earlier exposed a new style going on, believe to see the picture should have a lot of exploration can already see the shoes which cited as a prototype, yes, Nike will reappear in the 11 generation (on 2008 time really fast, nearly eight years, the Kobe IV) that 'Carpe Diem' color, the Latin origin is Rome poet Horace in the works written by "Ccarpe Diem Quam minimum credula postero", "carpe diem, live in the moment." now, remember that with traditional Chinese culture in the year twelve and should represent the animal cheap foamposites as a reincarnation of the concept, to record the Kobe himself in the NBA process, very classic. Although the did not restore very complete, but still have to accurately grasp its essence, like yellow with purple edges Swoosh Logo and grid tattoo line, several impressive memory has been enough to make people search in mind the answer. According to reports, this version of the United States will be available in late May and will be shared with you as soon as the official date is established. source: Wear TestersAir Jordan 13 Retro will be sold in a particular store tomorrow, we all prospecting shoe currently has announced the sale to organize dealers to stay in the Facebook, the actual selling way and the place to store transaction mechanism please announcement. Wuchang 23 smile Momentum sports activities source: Nike with the progress of science and technology, new technologies continue to be introduced, and the design of shoes is becoming more and more diversified. In recent years, apart from the new techno Retro jordans for sale logy used in the development of new, but also try to apply it to the classic works of the past, given the re engraved shoes, new life. Japanese brand ASICS Tiger's classic shoes Gel Kayano Trainer to build this year, named ASICS Tiger Gel Kayano Trainer Knit MT, the previous station reported, you can see the shoes in the sock barrel type design, uppers made of knitted material, plus solid shoe body TPU fixed film, so that the whole pair of shoes full of modern fashion sense, also has the function of breath. ASICS Tiger Gel Kayano Trainer Knit MT abroad can now be purchased at the designated store, priced at $150. It is reported that Taiwan also has a sale plan, further information may be concerned about the dynamics of ASICS Tiger official fan page. source: ASICS TigerThe adidas Boost series adds new members, ADO Pure Boost ZG, and is expected to be on sale at its high-end feeder Consortium. Adidas currently rely on Boost and Primeknit technology can show considerable variation, the ADO PureBOOST ZG is still in Cheap air jordan 12 ovo the back to construct good foot feeling Boost, collocation Primeknit to build comfortable uppers, and through molding with stable sheet for decoration, provide the popular Boost series of shoe makers prospecting more choices, Taiwan will also be on 10/14 in INVINCIBLE and JUICE-Taipei vendors. source: Eukicks[Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] 2012 London Olympics, Adidas unable to continue the Beijing Olympics partner position, but appeared in the ranks of two sponsors. "Can not say that in 2008, bidding each other to higher cost of 100 million yuan of Li Ning won the partners, Adidas little 'hurt'." A source told reporters. In 2008, I am afraid there is no sense of crisis ??????? stronger partner of the Beijing Olympic Games.??????? night half a century, "born" with the advantages of Nike entered China earlier, about 30% market share in the Chinese sports shoe market dominating boss. Nike and Adidas in China is not only slightly inferior brand recognition, even from the 1930s to the glorious history of Ol cheap jordans online ympic sponsorship also rarely known. In order to stand up, Adidas and Li Ning at PK, end up paying about $ 100 million for the "Beijing Olympic Partner" title. But at the Beijing Olympics, China 28 major items of the 22 teams were dressed in sportswear and sneakers with the Nike logo in the competition, and is frequently broadcast on television. "This is a good marketing Nike." Qiang Wei, director of marketing for Ogilvy Group sports representation. "different with Nike, Adidas and more willing to spend on large-scale events and activities. However, in recent years it also began sponsoring sports stars. However, both the number of spokesmen, or the amount of investment, but also can not be compared with Nike. "A well-known sporting goods companies public relations official said. Liu Xiang as an example, as the first betting Liu Xiang's world-class sponsor, Nike marketing for Liu Xiang has been remarkable. Just when Liu Xiang broke the world record, Nike launched immediately build on the progress, "12 seconds cheap jordans for sale mens 88" advertising, the industry as flash in the pan. August 18, 2008, Liu Xiang out of the race so that all brands are unprepared. Nike has established a cooperation that is "QQ love wall - Liu Xiang blessing" in the day and Tencent (Nike brand wall). During the Beijing Olympic Games, every day millions of Internet users through Tencent understand the match and watch videos, bless Liu Xiang's QQ love wall almost overnight become the land of enthusiastic Chinese netizens. Tencent instant messaging software by a huge network of people, Nike's marketing message spread like a virus and spread, and quickly copy transmitted to hundreds of thousands, millions of audience. even when standing on the podium, the athletes are wearing "Adidas" equipment, but ultimately failed to Adidas Beijing Olympics by changing the pattern of the status of the two giants in the Chinese market. 2010 fiscal year (June 1, 2009 to May 31, 2010), the Nike Greater China revenue $ 1.742 billion, Adidas Greater China in 2009 revenue $ 1.33 bi Cheap air jordans for sale llion. Status second child has not changed. Even so, Adidas after the Beijing Olympic Games, we will begin preparations for the 2012 London Olympics. 2011, Adidas began implementing the "lead 2015" strategy, the core of this program is to small cities market, dealers advance, not only to compete with Nike high-end market, but also compete with local brands in the low-end market. Currently, Adidas aid "towards 2015" strategy, the tentacles are extending from the soccer field sports it does best, toward the basketball, outdoors, jogging, training, fashion and other fields (especially in the field of basketball to the "most important competitors "Nike launched a fierce attack), and features for consumer groups in different areas, to determine the different brand ambassador, then the separation of high school low-cost sub-brand according to consumer groups spending power. At the same time expand coverage, Adidas can find more clearly highly profitable products. For example, SLVR brand design style and designer Y cheap jordans for sale ohji Yamamoto Y-3 is similar, but the low price for some, but Stella Mc Cartney is the movement of high-end designer fashion brand, clover and three stripes brand will remain classic status, style and customization services are aligned with the individual requirements of young people is relatively high, and it is adidas NEO into three or four line market in low-end brand, currently in third and fourth tier markets laid nearly 900 sales outlets. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)Eighteen thousand four hundred and thirty-three 18434 18435 18436 wanted.... 18437 18438 18439 18440 18441 RATING preparation 18442 18443 18444 18445 18446 18448 18449 LEBRON 9, HOME/ AWAY/ TRIPLE BLACK test 18450 18451 18452 regardless of Nike, Flyknit or Adidas Primeknit, as long as the introduction of Multicolor color matching, shoes fans will lose their minds buying. Multicolor Adidas Originals Superstar 80s Primeknit is the latest pair of sneakers for sneakers. Herringbone texture Multicolor Primeknit shoes body, black leather shoes is a cylinder, the iconic Superstar Shell Toe with white, three black brand position of iron materials, in the most simple black and white highlights Multicolor. These shoes are priced at 129.95 euros, and will be designated on the , Inflammable , and other designated shoe stores in July. HCID Backpackers: Leon Shuangwai ah. receive this pair of shoes is really good to feel overwhelmed, really good-looking. That's crazy. can be said that this pair of aj4 is all this year offering aj4 leather texture best, with lychee leather, the feeling is really great, white shoes dirty love this is no way, who told him that the whole line and look good, feel very good! aj4 as a diehard, this pair of pure white is really great, the volume of sale is pretty, very worthy of. Not with a friend to. well do not say, directly above the. app address: a=goClick& id=12640? · those who dislike shopping mall really popular; fashionable people where to buy buy buy? The answer is buyers shop, especially buyers shop recently once again swept the global trend. In Paris, London, Berlin, Tokyo and other places of the shop, a selection of fashion designers and fashion products, shopping environment also has fine fashion in droves. The 10 unique design tide shop, but the official authorized "the world's most cool"! No 1Tokyo · Backdoor Supply Hypebeast in the list of recommended just last month the Backdoor Supply into the "Tokyo independence", but the shop guide if you try too hard to find the entrance of the store. 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