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Popular contacting teach you some identification method on ADIDAS and NIKE shoes 2006-02-25 09:29:36 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [source: Chinese shoes network cnxz] Print & nbsp; Close Some ADIDAS and NIKE shoes on identification methods The first is how to analyze the number of NIKE shoes !!!! First, before 2001, and the number of minority rule in 2002 shoes first introduce the schematic. The picture is a 2000 production of AIR FLIGHPOSITE KG, please note that the plug in the underlined part: ??: origin, MADE IN TAIWAN behalf of the Taiwan production, but it is interesting that NIKE shoe box but most of them are MADE IN USA American goods. ??: production date, & quot; 000911 & quot; Representative September 2000 --11 monthly production factory. ??: production plant number, & quot; PC8 & quot; is NIKE factory in Taiwan, most of the sample and posite shoes are produced here. ??: shoe size. ??: This is what we will focus on the nine Num! Figure 9 Order number is 830196-002, we want to divide it into three sections, namely 830 (first code), 196 (second code), 002 ( The third code), here I come them out. The figures represent the first code means shoes series of functional categories, the significance of these three figures represent as follows: beginning meaning numbers represent: If it is & quot; 1 & quot; represents: shoes, shoes are generally listed earlier mostly with this. If it is & quot; 4 & quot; represents: SAMPLE player version of the shoe. If it is & quot; 6 & quot; represents: r cheap jordans for sale mens eplica shoe store or a chain of exclusive style or color. If it is & quot; 7 & quot; is representative: custom shoes. If it is & quot; 8 & quot; represents: general listing of the shoes, opened in 97 years. If it is & quot; 9 & quot; represents: a country or region limited edition. In addition the upper number 2,3,5 defined. two numbers back is used to determine the number series, as follows: 02: M indoor jogging shoes 03: female indoor jogging shoes 04: men running shoes 05: Female jogging shoes 06: neutral running shoes 07: Country road running shoes 09: men running shoes 10: men and women beach slippers 13: Football shoes 15: metal nails at the end of baseball shoes 16: Football shoes (removable) 17: men, women and children's beach slippers 18: wrestling shoes 21: Football shoes (multifunction type) 22: M ACG skateboarding shoes 30: Basketball shoes 31: Women's Basketball Shoes 32: Baby basketball shoes 34: JORDAN series (young children) 35: JORDAN series (Youth) 36: JORDAN series 37: Women's Basketball shoes 38: Female ACG water sports shoes 40: men and tennis shoes 41: Female tennis shoes 42: men and tennis shoes (retro) 43: Women tennis shoes (retro ) 44: men's volleyball shoes 48: Female ACG shoes 50: baby shoes (not classified) 51: Male children shoes (not classified) 52: Female children shoes (not classified) 53: Boys (not classified) 54: Women's shoes (not classified) 58: women's volleyball shoes 65: M ACG boots 70: M multifunction shoes 71: Female Multifunctional shoes 72: F Cheap air jordans for sale emale cheerleaders shoes 73: Male-practice shoes 74: Female-practice shoes 75: M ACG shoes 78: Weight training shoes 80: men and tennis shoes 82: men walking shoes 83: Male golf shoes 84: M ACG cycling shoes 85: M ACG shoes 90: M ACG water sports shoes 91: women walking shoes 92: Female golf shoes According to such discrimination first code just 830196-002 represented by the means: (8) general listing of the shoes (30) basketball shoes. This should be very clear to see it, it is a normal market men's basketball shoes. The second code is 196, the three digits meaning no importance, and it is just a number, represented by the means in this classification, was the first of several for sale shoes. So we put together the first code and the second code judgment, 830196 means: shoes, basketball shoes This is a general listing of paragraph 218 is the style design. It is easy to understand to understand it! The third code is the last three digits (002), it is representative of the shoes the color number, as follows: 0 : black / gray / silver 1: White 2: brown / champagne 3: Green 4: Blue 5: Purple 6: Red 7: yellow / gold 8: orange 9: gold (metal sense) However, concerning the golden coding problem, we have also confused, when will use the & quot; 7 & quot ;, and when will use & quot; 9 & quot ;? Usually if I feel with metallic gold color is heavier will be used & quot; 9 & quot ;, such as Posite training. As the three figures is further divided on the very few people study, and added that the study also mo cheap jordans for sale stly FANS opinions. Here I draw on some of the human experience, and after a series of verification, to do something closer to commentary. Of course, these are not be 100% correct, but I think you can say temporary, seven, eight grasp, only reference to it: The first number: refers to the color of the upper, worth Note that, not necessarily the kind of proportion of multi-color is the main color, many are based on the color of the upper to decide. For example, we are talking about 002, with 0 prefix, representing black. second figure: Nike Logo is usually used in color, of course, not for Jordan series Nike Logo, will use the trapeze signs color. Or example, we are talking about 002, with 0 prefix, representing black Nike Logo. Also in the example, red and white AJ11 LOW is 161, but the red and white BB4 is 101. Color is for different reasons, the former because the trapeze logo with red, it is 161; however, the BB4 Nike Logo in silver, plus shoe is white, so color number is 101. The third number: This is usually when the same shoes in the first 2 digits are the same, use it as a differentiator. For example Air Presto (104231) had 001 (yellow), 003 (Grey Orange), 004 (black and silver), 005 (black and blue), 006 (gray purple black) and 007 (black) points. In addition, when some match color have more than ten kinds of time, there may be the first number is & quot; 9 & quot ;, such as AF1, & quot; 11x & quot; color to & quot; 119 & quot; after, there will be 910,911,912 and other numbers. words Reformed problem, we fight tog Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping ether these three yards, is this shoe by the use of the main color, for example the third code is 002, the color table is brought black vamp, black Nike Logo, is also black-faced black hook color of the second paragraph of shoes. Second, in 2002 after most of the shoes numbering rules first introduce the schematic. The picture is a 2002 production of SHOX SUPREMACY, please note that the plug in the underlined part: ??: origin, MADE IN CHINA on behalf of Chinese production. ??: production date, & quot; 021202 & quot; on behalf of December 2002 to February next year production factory. ??: production plant number, & quot; LN3 & quot; like NIKE factories in Fujian, the full name is & quot; Fujian Dafeng Group Limited & quot ;. View this stuff its RAVEN previous postings, inside of a shoebox and the site has a more detailed description. ??: shoe size. ??: This is what we will focus on the nine Num! Figure 9 Order number is 305522-101, we want to look at it is divided into two sections, namely 305 522 (first code), 101 (second code), Now I come to them out. The first code number in the new numbering system is no longer representative of shoes series of functional categories, identified only as a system ID number is used. All shoes whole head code to & quot; 3 & quot; to represent. As for the back of the five-digit numeral is represented under the new rules the first of several products, the larger the number, the later representatives of the launch time. But still there is a place to watch the first pair of shoes number Retro jordans for sale ing new label rules is & quot; 02001 & quot ;, instead of & quot; 00001 & quot ;. This is for everyone to identify fake shoes is helpful, in the finale where I will explain how to use the numbers to identify fake shoes. figure represents shoes color information of the second code, the same as the original specific rules, see the above article. I am here only briefly recap: color comparison table is as follows: 0: black / gray / silver, 1: white 2: brown / champagne, 3: Green, 4: Blue 5: Purple, 6: red, 7: yellow / gold, 8: orange, 9: gold (metal sense). hi copies rules are as follows: The first number represents the upper color; the second number represents the color Logo; third number is often used to distinguish the two digits with the money before the same shoes. In summary, 305522-101 meaning is this: under the new numbering rule, ID No. 05522 of shoes, and white upper, silver Nike Logo, this shoe is also white Oncorhynchus color of the first paragraph shoes. One use of numbering identification fake shoes has always been the most direct and effective way, although not all good fake shoes is wrong, but To be sure, the wrong number is certainly fake shoes. Here I give an example of how to use this method. The picture is a very generic look like the Aj16 assembling shoes, of course, I was deliberately modify in order to distinguish a place familiar friends should be very easy to see this. But for those who have not seen Aj16 it before I change really made perfect, can not tell from the appearance, even said to cheap jordan shoes for men be the shoe factory will have to believe. In this regard, even though we have not seen the kind of real shoes, do not know the correct number, mere identification numbering rules, can also be very easy to debunk it. We take a look, this shoe Num is & quot; 830222-101 & quot ;, then it has two errors: First, Jordan series basketball shoes the first three should is & quot; 836 & quot; or & quot; 136 & quot ;! So this pair is fake! Second, color code, how black patent leather toe may be & quot; beginning herringbone; 1 & quot? Guess alone should be enough to know & quot; 0xx & quot; color code. If there is a schematic diagram of reference, black upper, red LOGO, then you can determine the color code is & quot; 061 & quot ;. So this pair is fake! In addition, nike factory code problems. . . Here I also summarize what I know factory codes Qingdao: qt, qs, qh (most of the production of running shoes) Guangdong: y1, y2, y3 (now with changed y3-n) and high-end basketball shoes, training shoes, xc (resist basketball shoes), fc (sandals and outdoor) sf (soccer shoes) Suzhou: hj (resist running shoes) Fujian: ln1, ln 2, ln3, ln4 (mostly sohx, retro) Indonesia: ir, ip, iw Thailand: ba, pa Vietnam: vt, vs I hope that we actively add Finally, some knowledge of Adidas shoes ADIDAS shoes code number was encountered base, there is no positive sign such as 37 on 37 is certainly not a positive sign and can only have one-third of 37 39 certainly impossible to have 39 positive codes are to be followed by another one-third of cheap foamposites 39, even-numbered, when there met positive sign, as well as 40 three-pointers 2 For example, there is a positive number of 40 and can have 40 and 2 thirds, one-third can not have 40 yet, Another example can have a positive number 42 42 code, you can have 42 and one-third 2, not have 42 and one-third of errors is false. so we can know the base, even behind the numbers should follow what, always simple rule is that two-thirds of Adidas shoes number is increasing, such as 40 yards, but the next one is 40 2/3 next 41 1/3, in short, you can add 2/3 often flaws on some fake shoes. . . So according to this method can also be identify genuine and fake shoes to a certain extent. . In fact, the rumors are not discriminating ADIDAS shoes so difficult. . from shoes marked at the start it can fully discern. In addition, the glue on the shoes, thread, rough work can be carried out to identify the extent A, B, plant, positive, fight, fake shoes have been friends A , B, plant, positive, fight, fake shoes have doubts and confusion, the problem is actually the experts have answered many times, say more but explicit complicated. First of all I want to have friends that understand questions: A, B concept and plant products, positive, fight, fake concept is different, these are two different categories, but there are common place. Many instructions to make some friends cross illustrate the confusion, the reasons behind would say. I say my point of view, I hope easy to understand the whole story. a, A, B goods -------- points from th Retro jordans for sale e quality (also meaning only that quality) A, the original version is the source of B products NIKE and other companies own classification, entirely just division of the quality. These shoes are foreign companies without their own shoe, they rely on authentication and authorization shoe shoe producing and testing personnel verify qualified to be distributed to all sales channels, A product is all. Substandard quality testing will be marked with a red marker B, and then focus on the destruction. So that is the quality of B, but off. Really the so-called B products, there must be signs of a B. In other words, a real product, is with the store in the same goods, b flawed product that is genuine, there must b mark, tricky in that part of the detection or destroyed when the internal staff will circulate B products smuggled out of the underground to the market, in fact, it is to get out of substandard quality of shoes sold. Another case is, inspectors will be part of the quality of clearance shoes (A product) are also allowed to be marked B, and so easy smuggled out. This shoe is actually no quality problems. Note: 1, the market businesses are now talking about a product, b goods, factory shoes are not authentic in the strict sense, in fact, synonymous with fake shoes, please pay attention. 2, the use of the above said goods tricky B, deliberately secretive put some fake shoes / defective shoes said to be stolen out of the B products, as product quality and A said. B products have their own tags. 3, because the product is not Cheap air jordan 12 ovo own A clearly marked, so someone will steal shoes or spell out the problem of shoes said to be A product. 4, either A or B products products, if not out of the regular sales channels are illegal, are not authentic! ! Even if the same quality and authentic! ! Second, factory shoes, genuine ------------ points from sources that do not have the concept of the shoe factory, this argument is informed early people coming out. Whatevers "flow through informal channels coming out from the designated authorized shoe shoe shoe factory called" inside this product include A and B products. Including stolen goods out of A; stolen goods out of B; steal in the name of a product but are actually A B products; stolen out of defective products. genuine, authentic is the most stringent of the finished product, it may only be purchased at the regular agents and channels, and of course the price is the official price, so a little expensive. Authentic means "through formal channels, with regular sale price of A products." Of course, some individual shops and large stores to compete on their own will be appropriate to cut prices to meet the market, but the price is based on a rational basis, unlike fake shoes low price. distinguish genuine: genuine narrow down: In addition to discounted prices, genuine price is designated the national uniform price; in addition to the formal channels and the official agent for sale (including some shops di Chuan hand), the other is not genuine. Genuine must be with original shoebox. generalized genuine: that cheap jordans online is, in theory, shoe factory in the strict sense, a, b article (preceded by presentation) are authorized manufacturers of shoes, and genuine quality monopoly is no different. Can be regarded as genuine & nbsp; Third, the fight fake shoes shoes ------------- minute spell shoes is a fake shoes from the production! ! What do the so-called delusions original material can do the XX Paifang. The fight is to use the designated shoe shoe production in excess material, steal materials, substandard materials (materials also have the choice of detection), from factory waste garbage picked up the tattered etc., and then hiding in a corner of their own Tools with low spell out shoes. & nbsp; Related newspopular street brand MISHKA and Healthy Mighty recently inspired by the classic American comics, to join hands to create a new series of 2015 fall and winter. 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Enjoy the above Lookbook at the same time, may wish to visit Mighty and Healthy MISHKA online shop to buy the latest single product. source: MISHKA80 times when NBA is still Adidas and CONVERSE in the country, but it is Adidas does not pay attention to Wang, Wang was still a small company led to the Nike's, then ushered in a new era of Nike, Air and Jordan series is now rare players retired after the year a signature shoe brand and, in the operation, Air Jordan Nike and other brands operate independently, and also in the positioning of higher than other brands. although Jordan now also signed a series of all NBA players, such as Paul, Westbrook, Anthony, but in the hearts of fans, the annual Air Jordan is a shoe in the shoe is Jordan fans fans series true representatives. today pharmacists will take us to see Jordan is on behalf of basketball shoes series. 1985 - AIR JORDAN 1 HI Jordan generation can be said to be riotous with colour now basketball shoes patron deity, 80 times the NBA coalition to stop the players wear non white tennis shoes on, compared to 94 years and 01 of the two engraved in Yuan Dynasty, no AIR JORDAN 1 HI followed by logo is the most conspicuous difference. 1986 - AIR JORDAN 2 AIR JORDAN 2 rare did not see the same hook logo, the classic is red color, the whole shoes more concise atmosphere, we most of this pair of shoes is the image of Jordan first got the dunk contest. 1987 - AIR JORDAN 3 AIR JORDAN 3 in addition to the 88 year. Second times for the dunk contest champion, but also a symbol of Jordan is his first generation selection trapeze (on the tongue, eyes and sole is Nike mark), together with the same Air Max1, can be seen in the sole air cushion. The AIR JORDAN 3 burst vamp also affects the planning of several generations of Jordan shoes. 1988 - AIR JORDAN 4 AIR JORDAN 3 compared with the previous three generations, the biggest change is the beginning of the mesh fabric to make uppers, permeability stronger, lighter weight, complete the concept of Flight, and is now Jordan is the only flight generation shoe mark paragraph. 1989 - AIR JORDAN 5This pair of Ray Allen's endorsement of AIR JORDAN 5 is the first use of transparent sole, the friction force is stronger, skid resistance is very good, with more beautiful appearance, when many shoes on AIR JORDAN 5 largest know that "master" is our company cartoon dunk youth, I wear is AIR JORDAN 5. In the same year, AIR JORDAN 5 also made a low payment. In addition to the " Black Toe" Air Jordan Retro 1 Hi Jordan Brand also released, the classic OG Black/Red Air Jordan Retro Black/Red Air Jordan 1 The Retro 1 was released on July.24rd MEN SHOES SIZE: EUR41=US8=UK7=26CM, 2013. EUR42=US8.5 =UK7.5=26.5CM EUR43=US9.5=UK8.5=27.5CM EUR44=US10=UK9=28CM EUR45=US11=UK10=29CM EUR46=US12=UK11=30CM EUR47=US13...& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] to benefit from strong demand in North America and Europe, Nike Inc. (NYSE: NIKE) Nike Group handed over a ten fiscal 2014 a quarter report card, to stimulate the stock in premarket trading session high innovation. in August 2013 ended the first quarter of 31, Nike Inc. (NYSE: NIKE) Nike Group's sales totaled $ 6.97 billion, slightly higher than the average analyst estimate of $ 6.96 billion, representing an increase of 7.7 %, of which North America achieved sales growth of 9%, sales increased to $ 3.135 billion, while sales in Western Europe rose 8 percent year on year to $ 1.301 billion, Eastern and Central Europe recorded a 10% increase. Chinese sales continue to drag on group performance, by the stock too high and competitive impact of the first quarter sales fell 3 percent to $ 574 million, but Trevor Edwards NIKE NIKE Brand President expressed China's import and store same-store sales growth of over 20%. By Brand, NIKE brand sales of $ 6.468 billion, an increase of 7%, compared to $ 6.067 billion, Converse Converse sales will surge 16 percent to $ 494 million, Nike Inc. (NYSE: NIKE) Nike Group Mark Parker, president and CEO of the future will continue to seek to expand Converse Converse Direct channels. Group first quarter net profit of $ 780 million, an increase of 37.6% over the same period last year $ 567 million, diluted earnings per share of $ 0.86, better than the average analyst forecast of $ 0.78, earnings per share of $ 0.63 last year; Gross margin increased 120 basis points to 44.9%. Nike Inc. (NYSE: NIKE) Nike Group delivery between September and January 2014 futures orders in Europe and North America, compared with an increase of 12 percent year on year, while China had a slight increase of 2%. above is calculated as the ratio of constant exchange rates. Nike Inc. (NYSE: NIKE) rose to 27 September in the US stock market trading hours before the highest level since 1980, listed $ 75.30, compared with September 26 closing price of $ 70.34, up 7.05%. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner: Apparel Network & nbsp; global fashion brand network.)